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November 24, 2010

Day Off

I’m at the start of a 5 day weekend but it’s a little too treacherous for my car to go out on the roads today, so I’m stuck inside to live it up with the kitties. I took advantage of my day off today to photograph my patterns.  Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get them all done before the natural light started to fade, but I made a fair dent in the pile.  The plan is to eventually print off the pictures and keep a binder of them to flip through instead of spreading the patterns out across the living room floor.  That gets a little annoying (and time consuming!) after a while.

I was going to make another top, but I pulled out the pattern and discovered all the pieces that I needed were missing!  The risks you take when you buy used patterns…

Now I’m ready to curl up on the couch with an old movie and some tea.  I hope you all are enjoying your day, too!

August 25, 2010


I got a mosquito bite on my knee while spending 2 hours sitting in the dirt/grass watching Jeremiah play his soccer game last night.  The view of the moon made up for the misery, though, as well as the planes flying directly overhead.  The park was right next to SeaTac airport, directly under the flight path for departing planes.  Very thrilling!

August 24, 2010

No pressure!

Apparently, I somehow stayed away from the blog for the entire summer.  Did a bit of sewing and got a few posts up, but to be honest, it felt really good not to have to worry about posting on a regular basis!  I’d like to be more intentional about sharing stuff, but sometimes I feel like it’s so blah and pointless to just share links and pics of other people’s inspiration more often than ones of my own.

When I visit other blogs, it’s the real glimpses into the bloggers’ lives that I enjoy the most, while most of the time I don’t feel like my own life is that interesting.  Maybe it’s not interesting to me, but it might be to someone else.  I think I need to focus on the little things that make it all up and view it from an outsiders perspective.  What would interest me if this was someone else’s life, hobby, house, neighborhood, family?  I know I would put a different value on what I have and probably appreciate how good I really have it, rather than wishing everything was different (“better?”).

I’m in the process of reevaluating the blog and will be attempting to craft some themes for daily posts, so I can function on a somewhat organized level.  I always do better with a predictable schedule.  It should be something I enjoy doing, not something I have to “try to come up with all the time.”  A very common sentiment in the blogging community, I have found.

(Pic: from our trip to Port Townsend in May)