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April 30, 2010

Homemade Yum

The past few weeks I’ve been doing my best to start eating healthier and smaller portions to help lose some of my marriage weight (aka the 30 pounds I’ve gained since meeting my husband). I’ve been eating more protein and cut out sugar, milk, and gluten and I’ve been feeling fantastic!  I hadn’t realized that what I had been eating before had been affecting my health so much.  The 10 pounds lost hasn’t been too bad either ;) 

Anyways, because I’ve been avoiding some of my favorite foods (ice cream, pasta, bread… sigh…), foodie blogs have a whole new appeal to me. Everything looks so good!  The recipes below have especially stood out to me and while a couple of them I can’t have right now, that shouldn’t stop me from sharing the goodness with you:

Dandelion Jelly
via Yummy Supper

This is so tempting!  If I can find enough dandelions, maybe I’ll make a batch to give out this summer (and secretly sneak one for myself…).


Making Genmaicha
via a hippie with a minivan

Now this I might make just to try it!  It sounds very intriguing.


homemade pop tarts
via smitten kitchen

Umm, need I explain?  One word goes especially well with this one: Nutella.


WTF is Paneer (and How Do I Make It?)
via No More Microwaves

Now this, I have to try.  I’ve had paneer before, but I never really knew what it was.  Now that I know it’s high in protein and actually incredibly simple to make, it’s on my list!

January 18, 2010

Sushi Etiquette

As an avid sushi lover and consumer, a few of these come as quite a surprise!  I’m totally willing to try eating it “upside down,” but I’m really not sure how I could eat sushi without my wasabi-soy sauce mixture…

Found via Swiss Miss (who found it via always looking…)

January 13, 2010

TriniTEA + Super Tea People!


While researching TriniTEA’s Electric Tea Maker to see if this contraption may be worthy of my hard earned money, I searched for video reviews so I could see it in action.  That’s where I came across Joe and Brandice.  Two cornballs who host the (now-retired) vodcast STeaP, or Super Tea People!  Despite the occasional awkwardness and the frequent unscripted weirdo-ness of them both, these videos are fun and interesting to watch.  I do like their review of the TriniTea and Brandice’s complaints (and praises!) match those that I’ve been reading about around the web.

I was also surprised to see how large it is–it looks bigger than a coffee maker (at least bigger than ours)!  I was hoping it was compact enough to fit on my desk at work, but now I’m not so sure.  And the beeping alarm would get old real fast.  The biggest reason I’d want it would be to keep the pot warm.  I have trouble drinking a whole pot of tea (or sometimes even half a pot) before it goes cold.  However, I don’t think I’ll be buying the TriniTEA anytime soon, so in the mean time I might make a little tea cozy to fit around my pot

See STeaP on BlipTV, or visit their blog.  I also like their episode on flowering teas (if you can make it through the ukulele intro) and their episode at Alice’s Tea Cup in NYC.