Another ModCloth List

Left to right: Row 1) The Kirwan Dress, Late Brunch Dress, Major and Minor Key Dress, Row 2) Chain Rule TopQuiet Grace Top, Morning Haze Tunic, Row 3) Let’s Hear It for This Dress, Port of Call Dress

See my last ModCloth list.

The Kirwan Dress is excitingly close to a pattern I already have, Simplicity 2927, which is why it’s on this list.  I keep pulling this pattern out, wanting to make it, but at a total loss as to what fabric I would actually like.  I’m not totally keen on the plaid, but it gives me an idea of what it would look like in a print since the envelope only shows solid colors.  See?

Pretty darn close.

And the Major and Minor Key Dress is just a simple princess line sheath, the Chain Rule Top is just a raglan with a pretty chain detail at the neck, and the Port of Call Dress is an idea I like for a RTW dress I own that is a little too big and a little boring.

I like ModCloth.


One Comment to “Another ModCloth List”

  1. I love that plaid dress. I hope you try and make it up!

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