Not Your Grandma’s

Another top??  Good grief, I’m on a roll!

This one I’m feeling just ok about.  Not thrilled, but good enough.  I’ve made this pattern before with my Flouncy Dot Top, but I used the higher neckline and eliminated the flounce this time.  The fabric was barely a yard so I had to eek it out quite a bit and I couldn’t make it longer, although this length is ok.   The armholes are too small.  I think the whole top is too small, actually.  It’s been cut a size 8, but I think a 12 would have been better.

I made this one in about 4 hours Wednesday night.  Just in time to wear it to the family Thanksgiving festivities the next day! 

Also–amusing sidenote–for some reason this fabric kind of reminds me of those flowery, polyester tops that old ladies in nursing homes used to wear.  Weird, I know.  Don’t mind me…


One Comment to “Not Your Grandma’s”

  1. Yes, the armholes do look too small. But under the sweater it looks beautiful. I saw it in person at dinner tonight (thanks for driving all the way there) and I really liked it. (:

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