Day Off

I’m at the start of a 5 day weekend but it’s a little too treacherous for my car to go out on the roads today, so I’m stuck inside to live it up with the kitties. I took advantage of my day off today to photograph my patterns.  Unfortunately, I didn’t quite get them all done before the natural light started to fade, but I made a fair dent in the pile.  The plan is to eventually print off the pictures and keep a binder of them to flip through instead of spreading the patterns out across the living room floor.  That gets a little annoying (and time consuming!) after a while.

I was going to make another top, but I pulled out the pattern and discovered all the pieces that I needed were missing!  The risks you take when you buy used patterns…

Now I’m ready to curl up on the couch with an old movie and some tea.  I hope you all are enjoying your day, too!


One Comment to “Day Off”

  1. Oh the perils of used patterns! I’m so sorry for you. How disappointing!! I just ordered two used books from and even though the blurb says “like new”, I can only hope all the pages are there. Does anyone really go through and check every single page? I like all your pics.

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