This Week’s Favorites…


I could post pictures of all of Denyse Schmidts quilts here because I love them so much, but I think that might be overdoing it.  So just go to Denyse Schmidts Quilts and see them all for yourself.  Absolutely beautiful.  These are the kind of quilts I strive to make.
{via whip up}


Searching through whip up’s archives yields some interesting results, like this roundup of knitting patterns.  Per my recent entrance into the knitting world, I especially like this list.  The Brioche Neck Warmer above by tentenknits is one of my favorites.


Rebecca of cubic dreams put up this great tutorial on refashioning an oversized, thrifted skirt into a cute button-down with pleats! So cute and so easy.


Juebejue posted this in October, but I’m just getting around to linking to it.  It is a wealth of free drafting patterns from a tailoring book that her Dad brought from China when her family moved to the US.  She shares a ton of pictures of some of the patterns on her blog post that you can copy.  So generous!


*Feel free to continue weighing in on my decision to sell my sewing patterns… Have a great weekend, everyone!*


One Comment to “This Week’s Favorites…”

  1. Great “Favs”, Erin!

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