85 Patterns For Sale

Remember the bags of patterns a generous lady at the thrift store gave me?  I’m keeping some of them, but I’ve decided I might want to sell the rest.

I’ve already taken pictures of each pattern and catalogued them on an Excel spreadsheet… all 85 of them.

{selection of dresses}

The question now is… Ebay or Etsy?  I did a little research on Etsy vs. Ebay and at this point I’m leaning heavily towards Ebay, since it seems that Etsy caters to more vintage and the patterns I have are within the last 10 years or so.  I found most of them already on Ebay, whereas very few of them are on Etsy.  I wonder if I went with Etsy, they would sell faster because no one else would have them.  I know that site is gaining popularity everyday and Ebay is kind of old hat (though there are a lot of die-hard Ebayers out there–myself included).

{the only vintage in the pile}

Doing some price checking on Ebay concluded that most of the patterns I have are selling for about $3-$10 each.  That’s pretty good considering I have 85 to sell!  Although, I doubt I’d be able to sell them all.  I think it will be best to test the waters and only put up 10 patterns for sale to see how it goes.

{coats, jackets, capes}

What I’m wondering is how many people actually buy patterns online as opposed to brick ‘n mortar shops?  I know you can get them so much cheaper online, most often uncut and unused at just a fraction of the retail price.  All of these patterns I want to sell are uncut and unused.  The sizes range from 6-14, which is too small for me and I do not have the patience to resize them all for myself.  Plus, who needs 85 frickin’ patterns?  There’s no way I’d make all of them.

{unusually constructed tops}

So… are you liking what you’re seeing so far?  Want to buy any of these (hint hint)? :)

I’ve bought a few patterns before off vintage pattern sites and ebay, but a lot of them I’ve found at the thrift store and at 69 cents each, it’s pretty hard to beat that price online!  However, sometimes I want a specific type that I know I won’t find anywhere but online. 

{formal garb}

What about you?  How do you like to buy your patterns?


3 Responses to “85 Patterns For Sale”

  1. I buy most patterns online. I usually get them from sewing shops when the sales are on but I do use ebay and etsy for out of print ones. Ebay is my first stop but sometimes it’s hard to wade through the masses of listings. If you’re gonna keep your prices low, maybe check out which site will take the least commission. Let me know if you decide to post these – it looks like you have a few good ones!

    • Thanks Helen! Commission on both ebay and etsy is fairly reasonable, so that may not be an issue. I’m more concerned about visibility. You make a good point about wading through ebay. I will definitely keep everyone updated when I decide to list them!


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