Vintage Pattern Eye Candy

Since I now have an awesome way to store my sewing patterns, guess where I’ve been hanging out lately?

Ebay!! Searching through all the vintage patterns. I’m just window shopping, though, and gleaning some inspiration. Here are some that especially caught my eye (I didn’t add the links because most of them have expired by now):

Butterick 8453 – Very similar to today’s Simplicity 3673 (which I have!)

Butterick 9765 – I like the collars!

Butterick 9938 – Again, very pretty collar design.

Excella 5299 – I’ve never heard of this pattern company, but I love all the folds and asymmetry on the bodice.

McCall’s 4923 – This one gets me thinking about what the pattern pieces would look like!

Simplicity 2017 –  They look like skirts, but with the comfort and ease of shorts. I think these could easily be translated into today’s fashion!


2 Comments to “Vintage Pattern Eye Candy”

  1. A couple of those patterns look like dresses your grandma made for herself when I was a little girl. (:

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