Sewing Pattern Storage Solution

Welcome to my nightmare…

And I’m not even showing you the shelf at the top (conveniently forgot to get a pic of that).

I did a total rehaul this past weekend of the closet in my sewing room because on Saturday I got three (free!) bags full of awesome:

I was at the thrift store about a week ago and struck gold in the sewing pattern and fabric area and while I was in line with my bounty, the woman behind me suddenly blurted out, quite energetically, “Do you sew!?”

“Uh, yes, I do.”

And then she proceeded to tell me that she had a hoard of patterns and some fabric that she was wanting to get rid of, but wanted to give them away to someone who could actually use them.  She said she had quite a collection and used to sew a little, but never really ended up getting hooked on it.  And yet she kept buying patterns and was now overflowing.  Sign me up, Crazy-Pattern-Hoarding-Lady!

So when I got home from a rather apprehensive-but actually suprisingly pleasant-trip to her house (which turned out to be absolutely beautiful–she had horses!), I got to work cleaning out the closet.

Et voila!

I was able to get one large bag full of stuff to send to the thrift store, two big bags full of trash (mostly fabric scraps that I know I’ll never use and are too cut up for anyone else to use), and a few odds and ends that found homes in other places around the room or out in the garage.

After fruitlessly searching on craigslist for a way to effectively store my sewing patterns, I remembered that we had this file cabinet that was currently being used as storage for Jeremiah’s random cables and computer items nothing really important, so we carried it into the house and it turned out to be the perfect place for my patterns!

It actually surprised me how much this cabinet holds!  These are all of my own patterns plus the free patterns I just got and it doesn’t even fill two drawers!  I already have a plan on how I want to organize them and will be creating a reference system to make it easier to see what I have and find what I want.

Most of the free patterns were a size too small, but a good handful were in my size.  I’m keeping all of them for now because I can always use pieces for improvised projects and I want to have a good variety for if anyone else needs something specific in a certain size.

Basically, if you need it, chances are good that I have it now!


3 Responses to “Sewing Pattern Storage Solution”

  1. Using the filing cabinet is a great idea! :) And hooray for people who give things to others who will actually use them!!


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