My ModCloth List

I have a running list of ModCloth clothing items that I want to blatantly copy in my own sewing.  It’s great inspiration!  You might remember my first and latest copy: Sangria on Sunday dress.

Here is a visual nibble of my ever-increasing list:

Top-bottom, left-right: 1. How Do You Dew? Dress 2. Crisscross Will Make You Cute Dress (backside shown) 3. Raw Mineral Tank in Carnotite 4. The Jackson Purchase Dress 5. Cloud Country Top 6. Symphony at Sea Dress 7. On the Porch Swing Top 8. Ile de la Cite Dress 9. Miniature Golf Dress

Each one has a specific detail that I really love and is either made up in a fabric that is like some I already have or is similar to a pattern in my stash.  I frequently go through this list to renew sewing fervor and get my creative juices flowing!


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