BurdaStyle Top Picks :: Summer 2010

May was my last BurdaStyle Top Picks post and because of the vast number of projects I favorited over the past couple months, I’ve decided to be very picky in my selection of top picks.  Still, I managed to like quite a few…

So enjoy! :)


BurdaStyle Top Picks are garments that I particularly like and would love to wear myself. I usually just “favorite” them on BurdaStyle, but I’ve decided to make it a regular thing to feature them on my blog so I could share the inspiration and applaud the talent of the people who made them!


silk top with ruched arms
by mishidy

I’ve been very much into light, loose, flowy tops this year.


 Linen Dress
by kateyplymesser

Simple, comfortable, feminine.


Linen Sack Tunic
by Bola

I always forget that you can create beautiful detail just with a few smartly placed seams.

(Also, I’ve been a fan of Bola’s creations on BurdaStyle since I became a member, but I just now discovered she has a lovely shop!)


fancy back knit dress
by chelsea888

Very creative and fun design for a knit dress!



by nina blanca

I have this pattern!  And I have several fabrics that would work well for it, too. I think stripes are perfect for it.


Siany Tribute
by emlj

Classy and flattering!


My sailing Mila
by smurfette2010

I’ve had this pattern printed out for over a year and have yet to make it because I couldn’t think of fabrics I would actually wear.  This white and dark blue version is just right!  And the clasps exposed down the front was actually a mistake, but is a perfect detail.


Little cap sleeve summer tunic
by Adriana Orozco

So sweet.  My favorite: the hand-made fagotting, also called entredeux ;)



One Comment to “BurdaStyle Top Picks :: Summer 2010”

  1. All your pics are lovely, but my favorite by far is the first one, the silk with the ruched sleeves.

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