Summer Bag – made from overalls!

Last summer, my MIL gave me a box of some of her clothes from when she was young and one of the pieces was a pair of blue and white striped shorts overalls.  Not something I’d be into wearing, but the fabric that it was made out of was definitely a win!  Stripes are very “in” this year, especially the nautical blue and white, and my first thought was to make a bag out of it.

Well, it got put off and soon forgotten until I came across verypurpleperson’s free bag pattern on BurdaStyle.  It was exactly the bag I had in mind!

I wish I had taken a picture of the overalls before I cut into them.  Basically, they were a pair of shorts with a small bib and straps attached.  I cut those off, cut off the waistband, and separated the front from the back of the shorts.

One side of the bag is made with the front of the shorts. Those buttons were the fly :)

The other side of the bag is the back of the shorts.  The pockets were spaced too far apart on the garment, so I made a new seam down the middle to bring the pockets closer together.

The inside is lined with a white cotton sheet and the inside pocket was the back bib of the overalls.

I love the look of the fabric.  It’s worn, has a little bit of pill going on, slightly faded in some areas, but it’s paired with the bright, crisp cotton and clean topstitching so it looks like a brand new bag!  New vintage, I guess you could say :)

I had a change to try it out for a Fourth of July outdoor party and it was the perfect little bag!  Carried the necessities and wasn’t awkward looking like a rigid purse would be at a laid-back, outdoor BBQ.  Great summer carry-all!


4 Comments to “Summer Bag – made from overalls!”

  1. Hello!
    I liked your bag and want to sew the same one!!
    I have just one question to you about this pattern – when you printed this pattern out did you zoom it in or just used as it was initially without any changes?!
    Cause I printed it as it was from the very outset, but when nad finished it turned out to be smaller than I expected!

    thank you for your attention!

    • Hi Anastasia! Actually, I was going to mention the sizing, but forgot, so thanks for asking! I printed the pattern out just how it was, no changes, and it came out 3/4 of an inch smaller all around which I wasn’t expecting. The bag is smaller than it’s supposed to be, but for me I didn’t mind since I don’t particularly like large bags. It turned out the perfect size for my needs!

  2. This looks so cute! Love the fabric! I’ll have to try it!

  3. This is amazing! I love it. It’s the perfect pool to dinner bag!

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