Sangria on Sunday Dress

A whole month since my last post!?  Well, lucky for all of us that I have something worthwhile to show for my absence!

I kind of took an extended blog break and decided to focus on making one piece of clothing that I would actually want to wear out in public.  This meant I had to take my time (and not worry about how long it was taking me), gather my patience, and be willing to make mistakes.

This is the Mojitos on Monday Dress by Modcloth and I love it.  I first saw this dress on jenloveskev and my first thought was, “That fabric is fantastic!” and my second thought was, “I can totally make that!”

And I did!  Here is my version, the Sangria on Sunday dress by your’s truly:

The bodice is the same as the pattern I used for my Flouncy Dot Top except that is has a pleat at the front instead of gathers and the skirt is an exact replica of BurdaStyle’s Marie, which I already had printed out and taped together.  I also already had the perfect fabric: a beautiful pink, blue, and cream floral cotton that I found at a yard sale last summer for 75 cents and a gorgeous baby blue chambray from the thrift store I got last month for $2.99 (about 2 yards of it). 

I am so proud of myself, haha!  This is the first dress I have made that has turned out nearly perfect.  I used French seams throughout so it’s as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside!  I noticed from the pictures that the bodice looks a bit tight, but I think that has to do with the bra I’m wearing.  I know if I wear a different one it looks much better.

I added the pockets from a pants pattern I had.  The pockets were the one feature that I really loved about this dress and the Marie pattern does not have them.

In fact, I had sewn the front of the dress together, held it up to admire, and then noticed I had completely forgotten to add the pockets!  There was a moment of very unsavory words until I decided I most definitely had to unpick and redo.  Fortunately, the seam I ripped out was messy and unsatisfactory anyway, so I felt a little better about the mistake.  I knew I would not wear it nor like it without those pockets!

In retrospect, I would have made the bodice slightly larger, the waistband wider, and had less material gathered in the back.  Still, this dress is pretty darn good! I love it and I’m definitely going to get a lot of wear out of it!


5 Responses to “Sangria on Sunday Dress”

  1. Great job Erin!!! It so blesses me to see you enjoying sewing!!! You’re the only one of my “kids” that does….

  2. Very nice job, Erin! Are the armholes big enough? Will you wear that to work? I admire your patience to do French seams. It’s a very cute dress and I love the fabric.


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