Port Townsend: The Wildlife


One thing about staying by the ocean is you’re never at a loss for food!  J. kept saying that if we were ever stranded on an island we would not go hungry.  We dug for clams along the shore during low tide and caught enough to cook up a good dinner for the both of us with some left over!  And if you’re curious, the best way to cook geoduck once you’ve cleaned it all up is to dredge the meat in flour and then fry it in a ton of butter.  Seriously.  Do not skimp on the butter!  I believe we used a whole cube (1/2 cup).  I think I would have liked some garlic thrown in, but J. was against it.  He likes his seafood “unadulterated.”

We (aka my husband) also caught crab.  He says that people don’t realize how easy it is.  You just walk along the shore about knee-thigh deep in the water and if you see a crab just reach down and grab it!  He caught about 9 crab (all males, of course) of considerable size and we feasted well.  And, because we’re on vacation and rules do not apply, the kitties got to indulge right off the table :)

The three days we were in Port Townsend were so relaxing.  We only actually went into town maybe twice while the rest of the time we spent either outside along the beach or inside cooking and chillin’.  The timeshare we stayed in was a two bedroom, two bath condo with a full kitchen and a T.V. with cable stations that we don’t get at home (like TCM and Discovery, my favorites!).  The whole place was always filled with natural light from all the windows and the screened sliding glass door was a favorite with the two kitties.  Basically, we were ready to move in and live there full time, haha!


2 Responses to “Port Townsend: The Wildlife”

  1. Good pictures, Erin! I could almost smell the seafood. (Almost).


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