Port Townsend: The Landscape

One of my favorite parts about the vacation in Port Townsend was being outside.  The air was so fresh and crisp!  The weather was perfect.  It was sunshine for most of the days (although I just noticed all the pics I have here are cloudy, haha!), but it wasn’t too hot and it wasn’t too cold.  We could comfortably walk the beach in just jeans and a sweatshirt and not feel underdressed (the big coat I’m wearing in the pic above was stripped off about halfway along our walk and was never worn again).  Of course, the rubber boots were a must :)  Wearing those boots makes me feel invincible.

At home, there are trees closing in on you, neighbors, traffic, our tiny cave-like home, but at the ocean there is big sky, trails, wildlife, and wide open spaces.  It’s wonderful!


2 Responses to “Port Townsend: The Landscape”

  1. Thanks for the pics! I know what you mean by fresh air and big open spaces. I dream of a week at Kalaloch.


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