Linen Lampshade

 This happened a few weeks ago: 


We’ll just say it involved a man and his cat and an over-eager play session.  So on Saturday, when the man was at work, I set to making a new lampshade.

I started by salvaging the top and bottom rings and ripping all the paper off.  The old shade had a lot of thin wire in it so I kept that as well for some future project that would require thin wire…

I measured around the ring and found that it was 25″ in circumference.  Then I measured the lamp stand from the top down to the hook at the bottom and that was exactly 45″.  I decided to make the shade out of my linen Ikea curtain panel that used to cover the kitchen table.  It had several stains on it and I felt its life as a tablecloth had ended, so I found a good sized patch without stains and cut into it.

It has such a great natural color and I love the texture which I knew would really show when illuminated from the inside!

I cut a rectangle measuring 26″ x 46″ which gave me a 1/2″ seam allowance all around.  Fortunately, the fabric is somewhat stretchy so I didn’t need to be exact when sewing it together.  I did pin it around the metal ring first to make sure the fit was right and to find out exactly how much seam allowance I really had.  I had an inch overlap once I’d gone all the way around so it was perfect!

I took all the pins out and sewed it together lengthwise, then ironed the seam open.

I thought a little while about how I wanted to attach the fabric to the ring.  I considered velcro, but I searched around my room for some and didn’t find any so that was out–and plus I wasn’t too fond of the bulkiness that would have created.  I thought about buttons–too much work!  Then I considered hand sewing it all around, but that was also too much work than I wanted to do.  So I tried fitting the ring under the presser foot on my machine and it slipped right under!  So I stitched it by machine.  Quick and easy!  

To make it even easier on myself, before I sewed it to the ring, I ironed the fold in so the ring slipped right inside and instinctively folder over exactly, matching the ring against the crease.  I did this for both the top and the bottom:


Finished!  It’s so pretty!


 While the bulbs we use are the low-energy, halogen type that don’t create as much heat as the regular bulbs, I still made sure that the fabric didn’t touch them.  Having the metal ring at the bottom also helps keep the shade straight as it hangs.

Sigh… Ohh linen, you have such exquisite texture!  I love this fabric so much…


4 Responses to “Linen Lampshade”

  1. Hello,
    How beautiful it is!!!! I love linen.

    By the way, I’d like to tell you that you got the 2nd. prize of my Giveaway.
    I’m happy to tell you.
    Could you please tell me your address? -> maimairuru(at)gmail(dot)com

    See you (* v *)!!!!

  2. That’s inspired. It look ethereal. What ambiance!
    So…what is the 2nd prize?


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