First Year Bloggiversary

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My very first post on this blog was January 29, 2009.  So today is my first year anniversary of blogging!  

Hard to believe how quickly it’s gone by and not just the blog but my actual life.  My birthday is in a couple weeks and I’ll be 25 years old.  I think back to when I was 14, so young and naive and wondering what I will be like when I’m 25 and feeling like it’s sooo far away.  And yes, sometimes it does feel like it took forever to get here, but at the same time I can still feel exactly how I felt at 14, wondering and wishing, and then look at myself now, older and in some ways much wiser, and I feel a connection to me then and me now.  And I feel like I finally made it!  I finally grew up.  

I’ve been rather introspective lately.  I think it’s that 25 year mark (and I think this probably happens to a lot of people my age).  I’ve realized just how short life is and how quickly it can pass and I feel a big need to fill it with good decisions.  To explore more and learn new things. And that affects the blog and how it’s evolving and changing to reflect my interests. It’s been something I have really enjoyed over the past year.  

I thought about hosting a giveaway in celebration of today, but I just haven’t had the time to put anything together for it.  I will do one soon, though!  As soon as I get my act together :)  So stay tuned.  

However, in honor of the occasion, I did put together a list of a few of my favorite posts of mine over the past year – enjoy! 

Do you have a favorite post of mine over the past year? I’d love to know which one!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

~ Erin


3 Responses to “First Year Bloggiversary”

  1. Re your introspective comments: amen, sister! I am way too young to be this old.

    I’d have to go through last year’s blogs to really pick a favorite, but I do like the apartment makeovers. I remember those.


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