Pillows! Pillows! Pillows!

Christmas is over. I’d been anticipating it for months and it’s all over in a day!  We all had a great time, though.

I made these for Christmas gifts this year.  All from fabric I already had in my stash!

The top pillow is made with green plaid wool and black flannel.  I salvaged the wood buttons from an Ikea curtain panel that I had cut up for my living room curtains.

The red pillows are from two tablecloths and are backed with cashmere-blend suiting that I had bought several yards of for a project and ended up using something else.  This fabric is divine for pillows.  So soft and still thick enough to be hardy for home decor.

The green fern pillow is made from an Ikea curtain panel and the bubbles are formed by using little pompoms!  I saw the trick used here in a scarf.

Lastly, the pintucked pillow is made of the cashmere-blend and has an envelope back of the same fabric.  All those folds create such a great texture!


5 Responses to “Pillows! Pillows! Pillows!”

  1. Those are lovely pillows! I like them all so much that I can’t pick a favorite.

    (I moved my blog.)

  2. I especially love the last two, they’re fantastic!

  3. Great pillows! I love the fabric manipulation ones. So clever.


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