Baby Quilt Complete!


Baby quilts are so easy to finish!  This one is so much smaller than the last two I did that it felt like a breeze to complete.

(These pictures are not of the highest quality, but the sun had gone down by the time I had it washed and dried and ready to wrap up.  Here are better pictures and description of the fabric I used.)

My intentions were to also embroider “2010” or the first initial of mama and papa’s last name, but I was so eager to sew this thing up that I totally forgot until after I was ready to put the binding on.  So I got the next best idea and used one of my sashiko templates (the same one I used on my pillow) to hand quilt a design over one of the blocks with some extra special thread:

That’s not just any yellow thread, people.  That is GLOW-IN-THE-DARK yellow thread!  Heck yeah!  It looks so cool with all the lights off.  This kid is going to love it.

I was going to stitch the same design over five of the blocks, but when I got done with the first one about 4 hours later I was thinking one was enough.

Here is the back:

Sweet, simple, understated.

 The baby isn’t due until sometime January, but my co-worker will be leaving the job on Dec. 18th so I wanted to get it to her before she left.  I started it sometime in September when I found out she was having a girl and I’ve been leisurely sewing everything together.

I really like how it turned out.  It’s not too girly, or baby-ish and it will easily grow with her.   It’s perfect for throwing on the floor and playing on top of, but also soft and supple enough to curl up with.  And that glow-in-the-dark detail definitely adds a cool factor.

I know she’ll love it!  (Almost as much as I enjoyed making it ;) )


All the fabric I used was thrifted (washed thoroughly of course) and the batting was a white cotton (I can’t remember the name; I’ll update later).
The glow-in-the-dark thread I used is by Superior Threads.  I traced the sashiko pattern using a water-soluble fabric pen.
Thanks to you, too!  Especially for voting on what color fabric to use around the blocks.  White was the perfect choice.


2 Comments to “Baby Quilt Complete!”

  1. That quilt is beautiful — and it won’t be too long before the baby is old enough to really appreciate the glow in the dark detail. What a great idea!

  2. How sweet! And I love the glow in the dark sashiko!

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