Do you remember when I linked to the Cooking with Dog videos a while back? Well, I recently found one recipe that tickled my taste buds enough that I just had to make it: Gyudon!

The recipe is so simple and has few ingredients. Of course, most of the ingredients I did not own, so on my way home from work yesterday I stopped by the asian market and picked up some cooking sake, mirin (a sweet cooking syrup), dashi (think fish boullion), very thinly sliced beef (pre-packaged at the asian market!), and a small root of ginger. For a treat, I also picked up some spicy miso mix and a little box of Hello Panda.

I was hesitant about the ginger. I don’t like pickled ginger that comes with sushi and I don’t like ginger flavored candies. I was considering using garlic instead, but decided I should stick to the recipe for once and make it like it’s supposed to be made. I am very glad I did! That grated ginger made the dish. And I had no idea how good fresh ginger smells!

I doubled the recipe to make sure that we both had enough to eat and it was just the right amount.

The hot spring eggs did not come out quite like in the video. They ended up being more hard-boiled and I wasn’t able to peel them without ripping them apart. Ended up having to toss them, but not to much of a loss as the dish itself is tasty enough.

No pics of preparing the dish or finished product (besides this screen shot from the video). Everything cooks so fast! And we ate it fast – so delicious!  Definitely give this recipe a try.  The ingredients were inexpensive and I had it all made and eaten in about 30 minutes.

Four thumbs up from us!


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