Bird to Hang, Bike in Cloud

When I went to the Northwest Quilt, Craft, & Sewing Festival last Saturday, I found some wonderful Japanese linen.  I’ve been seeing these types of prints all over the sewing blogs and I took the opportunity to grab a small bit for myself.

Bird to Hang by Etsuko Furuya is completely gorgeous.  It was in one of the first booths we went through and it stuck in my mind the entire day.  On our way out I just had to buy some and I gave in to the $18.99/yard pricetag to buy a half yard.  While searching for the name of this pattern, I came across who has it on sale right now for $6.60/half yard.

The bicycle material is by Kokka and was just too cute to pass up.  I have nothing like this in my stash and I felt the need to add a little Japanese whimsey to my shelves.   Also a little pricey at $13/yard, I bought a third of a yard.  Just enough to add some adorable touches to something.  The bikes remind me of the riding around Hubs and I did this summer.

I don’t know what I’ll make with either of these fabrics, but I’m thinking pillow covers possibly.  Or I might buy some inexpensive, white hand or dishtowels and embelish them for myself or to give away for Christmas.  Or I could add details to an apron for myself.

So many possibilities!  What would you make with this material?  Give me some ideas!


3 Comments to “Bird to Hang, Bike in Cloud”

  1. I think embelishing towels would be lovely with either one of those, and the Bird to Hang would make a fabulous apron! One of those cocktail aprons (the really short ones). I can totally see you in one. :-)

  2. I groaned a little when I read that your linen is on sale someplace else…You could have gotten more for less!
    Be careful sewing linen to cotten. Going through the wash/dry could wreak havoc.

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