Something Sentimental

I have two quilts going on right now that are both due by Christmas: my co-worker’s baby quilt and a special quilt for Grandma.

When my grandma was in the process of moving from a condo into an assisted living community, she was slimming down her belongings to fit into a one bedroom suite, so she had quite a bit she was getting rid of.  On the day we were moving her out, Mom noticed a bag of tablecloths in the give-away sack and snatched them up for me to add to my fabric stash.

I’ve been trying to get a head start on the gifts this year and have decided on homemade since it’s easy on the wallet and it’s fun for me to do. While homemade jelly and little sewing projects are in the works, I really wanted to make something special for Grandma, so I thought of a quilt made from her tablecloths.

I’m tentatively making it 48″ x 48″ to be used as a lap blanket, although I’m wondering if I may need to make it a little bigger. We’ll see how it comes together and I’ll add a few more rows if necessary. I have two large, cream colored tablecloths that were Grandma’s and I’ll be adding one of my own into the mix for extra contrast.

I’m basing the design off of the Scruffily Quilt tutorial, but because of the different fabrics leaving the edges raw did not look very nice, so I zig-zagged instead.  Much cleaner and more elegant!


2 Responses to “Something Sentimental”

  1. Your quilt looks beautiful with those superb tablecloths ! Your grand-mother will be delighted ! Thanks for the tutorial, very creative.


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