Business Appropriate 10:20:09

I had the best intentions to post the outfit that I wore yesterday (and Saturday), but the hubs absconded with the camera and didn’t return with it until after I’d changed into my pj’s.  So I’ll have to settle for today’s outfit to showcase my new boots!



Sweater and skirt: thrifted
Pashmina: Romy
Leggings: Decree
Boots: St. John’s Bay

I went to JC Penney right after work on Friday and discovered I actually had about $85 total on my gift cards!  WAY more than  I though I did, so I was pretty stoked.  I tried on every tall black boot they had (thanks to a very patient salesman) and finally decided on these:


Totally not what I had in mind, but I ended up loving them.  Throughout the process I realized that I have abnormally thick calves and the majority of the tall boots I tried on I either couldn’t pull them all the way up or they were way too tight and I started losing feeling in my feet.

These little cuties were actually the first pair I tried, but after a while I got the choices down to these or a tall pair with a buckle across the ankle (way cute), so I put one of them on my left foot and the other one on my right foot and walked over to the mirror.  The shorter one was infinitly more comfortable and I immediately made my decision.

Since I had a nice sum of money left over after buying the boots, I quickly wandered around a bit more and found a new sweater and the black leggings that I wore today.  I only ended up paying $10 out of my own pocket for all of it!  Pretty excited about that.


One Comment to “Business Appropriate 10:20:09”

  1. Love the boots! I have the same ones from JC Penny in brown, and they’re super comfortable, and still look new after wearing them the last two winters :-)

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