This Week’s Faves… #35

Decree® 'Clyde' Tall Scrunch Boot - JC Penney

Decree® 'Clyde' Tall Scrunch Boot - JC Penney

I slipped in to work before the sun this morning so I could leave early in hopes of getting to JC Penney before the traffic becomes a nightmare.  They’re having a super-clearance sale today and tomorrow and I’m hoping to get a nice pair of boots.  I have two gift cards that I can use, but I don’t know how much is on either of them, so it’s pretty much up in the air right now if I can even afford them.

Husband and I have fun plans this evening.  He’s going to go get his haircut and then we’re going to go see Where the Wild Things Are!  I had never heard of the book until this movie came out and from what I can tell of the previews, it seems very imaginitive and compelling.  It was J’s favorite book growing up–funny how I’d never heard of it and yet I went to the library everyday to bring home stacks of books.  Either I did read it and didn’t find it interesting enough to remember, or it was never intriguing enough to catch my discerning 7-year-old literary eye.  It think it’s directed more towards young boys, rather than girls, so that probably why I never read it.  Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing the movie!

Saturday will be busy for us, too.  We’re driving down south a couple hours to meet up with a bunch of people who have the same car as J (called a car meet) and we’re all going to race around together, make ape noises over each others engines, go out to dinner, and generally hang out all day.  Should be fun–I’ve been thinking all week about what to wear, hehe!  I think we’ll be outside quite a bit, so hopefully I can find a good pair of boots today…


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Have fun this weekend!  I’ll try to come back with pics from the meet (and my outfit)!

~ Erin


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