This Week’s Faves… #34


Rothko-inspired landscape photos (via Apt. Therapy)

I was first introduced to Mark Rothko’s paintings my senior year of high school in my English class of all places (can’t remember now what book the teacher was linking it to, but it was my favorite class! He was always introducing the arts as it related to literature and led very interesting discussions).  Did you know Rothko’s paintings consist of layers upon layers upon layers of different colors?  Sometimes 10-15 layers of paint on these HUGE canvases.  They look simplistic on the surface, but underneath lies entirely different scenes.  Very profound.

I have a few posters of his paintings, though only have one framed so far and have it hung in the living room next to the front door.

The picture above is so cool!  Click on it for the full article and more photos.


  • Found a new blog I’m really enjoying, Mairuru, by a Japanese girl who makes things by sewing it all by hand.  Her fabric book covers are just beautiful and she’s generous enough to share how to make them!  See her cute Etsy shop here.
  • Great heat saving suggestions posted by Design*Sponge.  I think I really like this article because of all the pictures :)
  • You know Capucine, right?  Have you discovered her mom’s blog, Tralalere?  It’s wonderful!

Enjoy your weekend!

~ Erin


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