Comfy, Cozy

The weather’s been so much cooler lately and I’ve been trying to dress as warm and comfy as possible without looking schlumpy. I think I’ve been succeeding this week.

I really owe it all to the blog community, though, as I would never have the drive or the inspiration to put extra thought into my outfits and start being creative without the pictures they share of themselves and of inspiration they find around the web. 


Found via For Me, For You is the Yohji Yamamoto French Sleeve Drape Pullover. It looks so comfy! But like Kate says, let’s not talk about the price.


original photos by jenloveskev

original photos by jenloveskev

I love Jen‘s style! And she also has been feeling the need to dress comfy for the cooler weather. I’m beginning to wonder if I need a pair of over-the-knee socks myself…


 And some cozy home inspiration:


How about a sheepskin pillow by West Elm, found via Apartment Therapy?  I think I’d have to fight the cats for this.  They’d be grooming it all day.


This portable fireplace is beautiful and amazing, see article at Apartment Therapy.


I still can’t get Soft Maps by Emily Fischer (also at HapticLab) out of my head and I’m wondering how I can recreate one for myself (it would be a great handsewn project!).  Maybe not as a map, but a picture of something else like leaves, or geometric design.  I just love the texture it creates and the solid colors used, particularly the white.

Blankets are so cozy to curl up in and even when they’re just laying across a couch or chair, they give an instant warmth and softness to a room.  I’d like to add more of that to our house.


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