A Little Black and White

As part of my ongoing effort to redecorate the living room, I spent a few hours on Sunday making new curtains!

The first thing I did was place the curtain rod higher and extend it longer on the wall.  Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice stability in order to do this, so I’m hoping everything stays in place (it’s currently screwed into wood paneling only).  We moved the kitty station from the corner of the room (where it was not getting used) to in front of another window (where it’s being constantly used now–they love the sunlight!), so the cats haven’t been lounging across the sofa and pulling on the curtains anymore.  With this change I felt pretty confident about rehanging the rod.

Sewing 244

I found two white Ikea tab curtain panels at the thrift store last week for $2.99 each and in perfect condition, so I got rid of those nasty, ugly blue and tan curtains I had before and slipped these new ones up.  Instantly the whole room got brighter and bigger!  I kept those up for several days to see how I liked them in the room and what inspiration they might bring me.

I had thought about doing blue and white horizontal stripes, but was delayed by not having enough blue material.  Then it hit me: black and white!  So modern! So Parisian!  So bold!  And I had plenty of black material with a very similar woven window pane detail and same weight as the white panels.  Perfect!

Sewing 237

Using this as inspiration, I set to work cutting up the black fabric into 9″ strips, with two strips at 12″ wide to fold over for the top pole-pocket.  Then on Sunday I pulled down the white panels and cut one panel up into 9″ strips and started sewing everything together.  With the addition of the black, I was able to make two striped curtain panels from only one of the white panels.

Sewing 240

I added enough stripes for it to end just past the top of the couch.  Since it will always hang behind the couch I saw no use in making them any longer than needed.  Plus I have a whole other curtain panel and a few black stripes leftover.

Sewing 241

And you’ll never guess what else I found at the thrift store!  Four long panels of white cotton sheeting with button holes at the top.  They look homemade and because of the buttonholes I have no idea what they were used for, but they gave me a great idea of sewing buttons to the backside of the curtains and using them as detachable lining!  Perfect for the changing of seasons.

A few more items to accomplish in this room:

–Make a slipcover for the couch (having a hard time finding enough of the same fabric that is affordable)
–Replace sidetable with an entryway table or cabinet
–Improve lighting


One Comment to “A Little Black and White”

  1. Those look super nice! I like the contrast they achieve.

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