This Week’s Faves… #32

Summer 09 1 067

I’ve been more purposeful lately about making dinner for the two of us. Which has been an interesting experience for me because I learned that I live with a very picky eater.

Fortunately, so far (and I’ve been very forceful about him being honest and that it will not hurt my feelings if he hates it) nothing I’ve made has elicited an “I don’t like this. Please don’t ever make it again. Amen.” And any prodding for favorites or wants has resulted in shrugs and “I’d like more protein” so I think I’m doing pretty good.

I made beef stroganoff with noodles and shrimp creole with rice in the crock pot last week and by comparing how quickly the leftovers for each dish vanished I’d say the stroganoff was the winner (although I was pretty partial to the shrimp creole, myself, so I was glad there was more left for me :) ).

Crepes are always good, too. Although last night I learned he views these as a dessert, not a meal.



  • Per the food talk, Belle of the Kitchen’s Creating a Food Calendar caught my interest this week.
  • Creative and ironic glassware – as soon as I have a home where these would be practical I’m getting one–are they not the coolest??
  • Great how-to for a modern and quick quilt.  The color combinations are endless!
  • Amazing before and afters (and link to their blog) of remodeling a chateau in France.  What a dream!

Bonne weekend!  A tout alors!



2 Comments to “This Week’s Faves… #32”

  1. Thanks for the links. I love the unusual glassware, esp. the glass “ziplock.” I also went into Pioneer Woman and found a recipe for gluten-free espresso cake. I’m going to try it.

    Love your blog! What is the picture of? Some sort of plant?

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