This Week’s Faves… #31

 Some ideas that have been on my mind lately…

Repainting the living room and the hallway the trendy gray and the laundry nook bright and warm with reddish orange.  And paint all the doors and trims white!

Add better lighting over the laundry nook, replace the bathroom light with a “crystal” chandelier, find matching table lamps to go on either side of the couch, and possibly find a nice hanging light for the eating area in the kitchen (check out these paperclip chandaliers).

Sew up slipcovers for both couches!  I’ve been watching slipcover tutorials on youtube and I think I could do it.  It’s either that or find nicer ones on craigslist (or put up with what we’ve got, but who enjoys that?).

Finding recipes for my slow cooker.  When my friend Heather came over I let her borrow my slow-cooker recipe book that I never use, but of course that triggered me to start thinking about it (fortunately, there’s also recipes on the internet :)  Keep the book as long as you need, Heather!).  Beef stroganoff for dinner last night = delicious!  And affordable, which is always wonderful.  Up next: Shrimp Creole.

 Here are some more great ideas I’ve been thinking about…

  • The heavens opened up and angels sang when I found this recipe for homemade Nutella!
  • As someone who is enjoying quilting more and more, I find these soft-maps by Emily Fischer beautiful and very creative!  I wouldn’t mind trying this myself.
  • I’m no art major that’s for sure, so this downloadable software for creating custom paint by numbers artwork is way cool!

Since last weekend was pretty productive for me, I’m going to try it again this weekend!  I’ll let you know how it goes :)

~ Erin


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