About a Baby

No, I’m not pregnant :)

But I know someone who is!

I mentioned before that one of my co-workers is due to have a baby in January and I was intending on making a little quilt for her.  Well, I found out that she’s having a girl, so I’m excitedly going through my stash looking for pinks.

I really like shopping my own stash for quilt material.  It is so much more satisfying and rewarding to get creative and resourceful and make something beautiful without spending any money.  I’ve found that when I’m searching for fabric to buy for a particular project, I either get totally overwhelmed by all the options, or I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for and I’m forced to settle.  And I always spend more money that I want to.  When I use what I have, I always thoroughly enjoy the process and the end result.

Here’s the fabric I’ve chosen:

Sewing 217

Both pinks are bedsheets (as seen in Sunday Stash), the two grays are men’s dress shirts, and the whites are pillowcases (one is white-on-white mini polka dots and the other is striped), all from various thrifting excursions.

I’m going to back the quilt with a white duvet cover that I used to use on my down comforter before I married a human furnace and no longer needed goose feathers to keep me warm throughout the night.  It’s very soft but also very thin, so I may double it up to keep the batting from showing through and to add to the squishy-ness.

A baby quilt must be made as squishy as possible!

Sewing 219

The colorway of gray, white, and pink I came up with from the personality and style of my coworker.  She dresses fashionably, yet comfortably, seems to favor soft, solid colors.  She has a quiet, reserved, friendly disposition, so I decided I didn’t want the quilt colors to be very busy or loud.

I’ve also been noticing the style trend in our culture lately has been gravitating a lot towards gray and white, so I figure if I add pink to that, it would be the perfect subtle color combination for a baby girl and the different patterns of the fabric give it interest and dimension.

I plan on making it about 43″ by 43″ although the design I came up with will more likely be around 50″ square.

Since the baby is due in January, I’ll most likely give this to her in December, so I’ll be keeping the final design under wraps around here until then. However, I probably won’t be able to resist sharing snippets :) So you’ll be sure to see a little more of the progress in the next couple months.


3 Responses to “About a Baby”

  1. I love how you took your co-worker’s preferences into account when choosing the fabric. That is so thoughtful.


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