This Week’s Faves…#29


Well, we’re off to Lake Chelan again this weekend.  I’m not too thrilled about going since we were just there in July (kind of like having a season’s pass to a waterpark–after 2 or 3 weekends in a row you never want to go again).  Although, this time it will be pretty different, since we’ll be taking the motorhome, camping in a completely different park, and we’ll be taking a long a couple friends.

This will be the first real road trip for the RV under our management and we’re looking forward to seeing how it does!  I’ll have to tell you the story about how we got this baby (can we say “Craigslist” and “Free”? Oh yes.).


This week’s links:

So I’ll be back on Tuesday unless we can figure out how to get internet out there.  Then I might pop in with a few pictures :)

Have a great holiday weekend and happy Labor Day, everybody!

~ Erin


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