Trailer Therapy, Part 3: Goodbye, My Love(seat)!

 To review, here is the current floorplan and here is the new and improved, potential floorplan.

And here are my ideas for this side of the room.

First, the wall as it is now:


Hmm… this before shot makes this area seem downright cozy.  But trust me.  It’s much worse that what I have illustrated.  It’s hard to draw misshapen, stained couch cushions, and general clutter. 

And the “after” shot:


Woohoo! Look at that!  With the loveseat gone, the floor vent would finally have room to actually vent and maybe our living room would finally be WARM in the winter.  A girl can only dream…

From left to right:

The lovely cream apartment sofa, the drum side table, and the fabulous drawered coffee table from yesterday’s post.


And check out that recliner!  I want a rich, chocolate brown color (like this photo), but had to use the grey for the illustration because the brown washed out those awesome recliner-lines I drew (I’m a little proud of myself).  A recliner would be perfect for this spot.  No more slouching on a couch, no more floppy pillows to deal with, no more pulling the couch out to reach the electrical outlet–yes, I like this idea.  It would be J’s, of course, and I’d give him first dibs to sit in it while I curl up on my apartment sofa.  If we had room, I would get two recliners, one for each of us, and we’d make a lovely old couple, but we don’t so one is enough for now.

Next, the Ansel Adams poster stays.  In marriage there must be compromises.


The bookshelf is one of those leaning types since it adds interest to the room and isn’t as bulky or large as a regular bookshelf.  There are many different styles and versions of this kind of bookshelf and I’d be open to any one with the right dimensions (this one pictured is from Target).  It would give us a place to put the stereo and other odds ‘n ends I currently have stored away in other rooms.  We can also put baskets on the lower shelf for random items we don’t know where to put, or we can fold up blankets and store them there for movie nights or overnight guests who don’t mind sleeping on an apartment sofa.


Tomorrow, I tackle the entertainment wall!


One Comment to “Trailer Therapy, Part 3: Goodbye, My Love(seat)!”

  1. I am in awe of your MS Paint skills! (And your interior decoration skills!)

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