Trailer Therapy, Part 2: A New Look

I’m going to go over each wall of the living room in seperate posts, since I have too much to share all at once.

To recap:  Click here to see the living room in its current floorplan.

And here is what I’d like it to look like (yes, it’s a little crude, but I got too caught up in the colorized wall-shots to care about this one):


Ok here is the first wall currently:


Mismatched, off-centered, unorganized, blech.

And here is the proposed “after”:


Ooohhh!!  Ahhhhh!!  So clean and streamlined and functional!  I love it.

From left to right:
(I came up with all these items without knowing if they even existed, but I was able to find real-life pics of most of them!)


Hanging on the wall next to the front door is a picture frame/mirror/key holder.  I can’t find online exactly what I have in mind, but I’m sure I could easily make one myself with a wood picture frame and a few screw hooks.  However, I don’t know how practical this would be for us.  J feels that keeping keys right next to the front door makes them TOO accessible, aka could easily be grabbed without our knowledge, so I think this feature would have to be moved somewhere else and replaced with a regular piece of artwork.

Notice I eliminated the basket o’ shoes.  I will probably find a remedy in the bedroom closet and only keep quick slip-ons like sandals or slippers right next to the front door.  This will be more work for me to keep everything where it should be, but I can get used to it.


There is a new, longer curtain rod that is more prominant on the wall and allows the curtains to be placed wider across the wall which creates the effect of a larger window.  The curtains are made out of a heavier material in neutral color tones.  I’d really like to find some curtains with a modern or organic pattern on it, like the one pictured or this one (but not quite as busy) so I do get some interest in the room.


 The matching end tables double as storage with the drawers (these are most commonly called drum tables), as well as the rectangular coffee table.  The drawers on the bottom of it can be accessed from either side of the table and the cutout shelf is perfect for hiding papers, remotes, and other clutter while still keeping everything accessible.


The couch is actually an apartment sofa which I discovered courtesy of Macy’s and is 6′ long: the perfect size.  It has to be smaller than the old one so we can easily get it through the front door and into the room without having to break the frame.  It’s fabric–not microfiber or suede or chenille because those pick up dirt and lint and hair like crazy and not leather because that’s too slippery and cold–and is a light color, either beige, cream, or white (if I want to live dangerously).  I would probably Scotchguard it to help keep it clean.  It has fluffy cushions and is perfect for curling up with books and taking naps.  I really like the Macy’s model pictured above, but I also like this one from (where else?) Ikea if it only came in the right length and off-white/cream color. 

Do you notice the loveseat that was against the adjacent wall is missing?  J really wants a recliner (someday!), so I placed one here, but more on that in the next post when I describe that wall!


I welcome any product suggestions or favorite places to shop (either online or in-store)!  I’m always looking for new ideas and resources.


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