Trailer Therapy, Part 1: Current Status

This blog was originally intended to focus on redecorating the single-wide trailer that J and I occupy until we win lottery.  And then that whole sewing thing came along and suddenly decorating the house was the least of my priorities.  Since there’s been a sewing lull for me lately, I’ve been going back to the home decor.

Unfortunately, funds prevent me from making any major overhauls, but that certainly hasn’t stopped me from looking.  I’ve been going to Apartment Therapy and Craigslist a lot looking for ideas.

I’ve decided what I want to do to the living room and I’m going to share with you what I’ve come up with!

But first let me give you a run down of its current state.  Although, instead of trying to remember to take decent photos, I present to you my living room courtesy of MS Paint:


Let’s start at the front door–which creaks very loudly to alert us of intruders.

As you walk inside the house, to the right of the door is the “closet.”  It’s in parentheses because it’s extremely shallow, has no hanger bar or shelves, and is home to the kitty litter box.  We keep this door closed at all times and have cut a hole in the bottom to accommodate a kitty-sized swinging pass-through door, which has been a huge blessing because it keeps everything contained and we don’t have to open it except to clean the box.  I hung a coat rack on the front of the closet door and that’s where we hang all the coats and jackets. 


(This image definitely not to scale–the basket and side table should both be a bit wider, although the overlap with the couches and off-centeredness of everything is totally for real)

First wall–From left to right:
The front door, the basket for all of J’s shoes (there’s no room in the bedroom closet and they always end up piled around the front door anyway), the landing spot for mail and misc items, the primary light source for the room (bought on sale from Target), the cheapest curtains I could find at Linens ‘N Things, the big and old and dirty and brown hide-a-bed that has a broken frame from getting into the room, the glass-top coffee table that is a monster to keep clean, the kitty station in the corner, and the loveseat that has seen better days.  Oh, and the little square art piece on the wall I found at Target on clearance for $3.  It looked way cool, so I picked it up.  Where I chose to hang it was not ideal, but my intentions were good. (See wall art and curtains here)


Second wall:
The picture is a framed poster of an Ansel Adams photo from The Mural Project.  Very nice, although I think it would look a little better if it was reframed. The loveseat is definitely worn.  We had pulled the covers off the cushions and washed them, but one of the back cushions is malformed because we couldn’t get the stuffing back into it very well, so it frequently flops over and is a huge nuisance.


Third wall:
This side of the room is odd.  Notice the check-mark bookshelf. Yeah…  The blue chair is from my high school days, so it’s been around quite a while and is still in pretty good shape!  It slightly round, low to the ground, and swivels.  It’s covered in a soft denim fabric and the cushion are still nice and cushy!  The light hanging above the tv is leftover from college dorm days.  It’s one of those paper covered types that collapses easily for storage.  It gives a soft light that is perfect for movie watching atmosphere.

So that’s our living room in a nutshell!  It’s pretty hodge-podge and definitely not to either mine or J’s tastes, but we have to make do with what we have until I save up a little money for some new stuff.  I’ve been scouring Craigslist, though, and with a little perseverance and dedication I think I’ll be able to get exactly what I want… eventually.

We’ll see.  Tomorrow I’ll post my grand ideas!


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