In the meantime…


So tired…

Ofelia when she was a baby.  She still sleeps in the most odd positions.  Sometimes I’ll find her on her back, paws sprawled out in the air, dozing away!

The gloomy mornings have me sleeping, too.  I’ll be glad when the sun is out again.  Helps me get up in the morning!

I’ve also been busy preparing for the giveaway tomorrow.  I’ve gathered the goodies and I’m just finishing up the final touches.  I think you’ll like it :)

In the meantime, give yourself a healthy dose of full-skirted shirtdresses and 1950’s optimism:



2 Comments to “In the meantime…”

  1. I grew up watching The Donna Reed Show. I think I was a teen, actually.
    By the by, “meantime” is all one word. (:

  2. oh my goodness that kitty is so cute!! I love the little red collar. Don’t you wish cats could stay kittens for longer?

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