Quilt No. 2 Complete!

2 weeks!  That’s how long it took me to do this one :)

I based the pattern off the window design of a building I work next to.

Sewing 175

I used 1.5″ ribbon for the green sashing and it made putting this together a breeze!

Sewing 179

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line I cut a few pink pieces too large and therefore the right side has some inconsistencies.  A little frustrating, but I didn’t have time or patience to correct the misalignments. All in all, it’s not a huge deal and probably not immediately noticeable (I hope).

Sewing 182

I love love love the back!

I tried to come up with something that had a little less pink.  I bought the green/brown polka dot fabric for the back, but I didn’t buy enough so I had to supplement with the pink scraps, the brown from the front, and a green from my stash.

Sewing 184

The weddings are done for now!  So no more late night, week-long quilting frenzies for a while.  Doesn’t mean I don’t have a few more projects up my sleeve, though :)

We need a duvet cover for our comforter.  It’s starting to look pretty dingy, so I’m going to start collecting white and grey material, cut 12″ blocks, and create a fresh, clean cover to go with all the green that’s in our bedroom.

The next quilt I’ll be tackling will be for a new baby.  One of my coworkers just found out she’s preggers and as soon as I find out if she’s having a boy or girl, I’ll be starting on it.

I also have several pieces of clothing that need alterations and one dress in particular that I want  to restructure.

There is no end in sight!  Agghhhh!



2 Comments to “Quilt No. 2 Complete!”

  1. such pretty colors and fabrics!! Its beautiful!

  2. This quilt is beautiful! I love the green/pink/brown combo. Don’t worry about it not lining up perfectly, they hardly ever do… especially as you use different sized pieces and different kinds of fabric. I’m struggling right now with some regular cotton and some flannel. The flannel just keeps stretching!

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