Lake Chelan

Summer 09 147

We’re back!

We had a wonderful couple of days camping at Lake Chelan and it was the perfect way to celebrate our first year anniversary!  The weather was hot, the water was cool and clear, and we had electricity and running water on our campsite.

Summer 09 138

Because we like to rough it.

Summer 09 149

Isn’t this water beautiful?  This was around 8am and I’m guessing the depth was about 20 feet at the end of the dock.  So clear!

Summer 09 174

We also got some fishing in, but we weren’t getting any bites off the shore or the docks, so it was a little disappointing.   I did, however, see an enormous fish swim past my lure!  It was so large that it startled me!  When we went into town to pick up a few more fishing gadgets, the gas station attendant said that Lake Chelan has some record breaking fish and the biggest one caught so far was 38 pounds.  If you’re not familiar with fishing, that is HUGE.  We would need a boat to catch that type, though.

Summer 09 151

Summer 09 152

I love how this kayak is the exact same color as the water.

Summer 09 178

The sunsets weren’t too spectacular, although I did catch this scene Monday evening while we were fishing.  So pretty!

Summer 09 139

And we had a great lightning show one night!  I took about 100 pictures trying to catch a shot of the light and managed to get just one :)

Summer 09 169

 This trip was definitely needed.  Neither of us had had a decent vacation since our honeymoon where we could really get away, turn our cell phones off, and just enjoy being together.  It was so relaxing and we had a lot of fun.

One year down, plenty more to go!


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