Buttons… and a mystery!

Sewing 143


Not very many, but from what I got, most of them I like!

The green ones in the middle on the far left say Made in Italy on the back and the gold ones just next to it say Made in Germany.  Never had buttons from Europe before!  La-di-da!  All the other ones were made in the US.

Sewing 146

What are these?

The green things are about 2 inches long and are made of plastic.  There’s no markings on them that I could find to identify a maker or anything.  They were in a box filled with sewing and knitting things.  Are they spacers for something?  Wrapping thread or yarn?

Sewing 145

The needle is very odd as well.  It’s about 3 inches long and has a sharp, angled paddle at one end and a large eye on the other.

I have no idea how to search for them on the internet and what search terms I have thought of rendered nothing.  Can any of you out there identify what these tools are and how they are used?  I am very curious! 


(This week I’m showing off some vintage sewing finds that I purchased at an estate sale last week. I took home just a fraction of what this lady had!)


One Comment to “Buttons… and a mystery!”

  1. I would guess that they are both knitting tools – (1) yarn bobbins used for winding off a small amount of yarn when you are knitting with lots of colours and (2) a mattress needle, used for sewing seams in knitting with mattress stitch. The curved end means that the needle can be more easily pushed in between the stitches and out the other side in one motion. You also find similar curved needles being used in upholstery – again the curve means you can push the needle through several thick layers and out in one motion.

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