Gone Fishin’!

It all started a couple weeks ago when J. suggested we go fishing down at the community lake a few blocks from our house. I thought that was a fun idea!  That first outing resulted in feeding the ducks rather than catching anything and that fun idea turned into a daily mission for us to catch something other than little perch!

We even scored a 17′ canoe from our neighbor who was practically giving it away for $50.  We had been using a one man blow up raft that whistled when we sat in it because of all the holes!

 Summer 09 092

On Wednesday, J. was out on the lake all day and nearly caught a big bass if his line had not broken!

Today after I came home from work, we went out again and after a couple hours, caught that bass that had got away–his hook and line still stuck in its mouth along with someone else’s!  Tough cookie.

It’s our first real catch and he’s a big ‘un for our lake!

Summer 09 097

Little bit bigger than our goldfish you ate this morning, huh Riddick?  Poor little Ernie (RIP).

Summer 09 106

Mr. Fish: “Serenity now…”
Riddick:  “What the…”
Ofelia: “OMG. WTF.”

Summer 09 111

The proud fisherman!

Fish came in at 2.6 pounds and 17″ long.  Not bad, eh?

Summer 09 113

When we sliced it open to prepare for our delicious dinner, we also cut open its stomach to check it out since it looked quite swollen.

We found 2 whole little fish and one of MY hooks in it! Apparently, he had bit both of our lines, but because I didn’t tie my line very well the hook came loose and got swallowed, so he went in for J’s and swallowed HIS, too.

This is one determined fish.

Summer 09 117

From this… to this…

Summer 09 118


Summer 09 124

Yummy!  I dashed on some salt and pepper, basil flakes, fresh cilantro from my garden, and a pad of butter.  Then we tossed it on the BBQ and about 10 minutes later had ourselves a fantastic (and free!) dinner.

So delicious!  I’d never had bass before and I dare say I like it better than salmon.  It has such a mild flavour, not fishy, yet not bland at all.  It’s rich and smooth and so… so good…

Definitely worth the trials to get it :)


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