For Sleeping In

In the mornings, the sun shines directly through our bedroom window and onto our bed. I need to be up earlier than my husband, so it helps me get out of bed and get moving, but it keeps him from sleeping late enough.

We have a rolling shade that I bought at Home Depot to cover the window, but it doesn’t do much to prevent the light from filtering in. Until I could buy a curtain rod and make some decent curtains, I had tacked up a sheet to help stop the rays a little more.

A couple weeks ago, I finally found a curtain rod that I liked that was under $10 (thank you Ross Dress for Less!) and then finally got around to sewing up some curtains.

You might remember the off-white damask from my first Sunday Stash. Well, I put it to good use and I’d say I like this much better than a coat!

Sewing 105

The green was from a bedskirt also found at the thrift store and goes well with the walls.

Sewing 104

I REALLY like them. They’re not the chic and modern full length kind for a reason, though. I didn’t have enough fabric to make them long and there’s no sense anyway cause they get in the way if they drag on the ground.

Also, they get pulled on by kitties and will eventually pull the rod hangers out of the wall  However, you can notice in the first pic that this has already happened… and now the curtain has snags in it and the rod is lopsided–so maddening!  I complained that we can never have nice things because the cats get to them some way or another and J. said it’s just like having kids so I better get used to it–acckk!


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