Quilt No. 1 Complete!

I had SO MUCH FUN making this quilt! And I almost can’t believe I pulled it off. It came out perfect and I’m so pleased.

Sewing 093

Sewing 095

Sewing 098

I have to say that Oh, Fransson’s tutorials helped me a lot in the making of this quilt, particularly with sandwiching and binding (thank you so much for putting those together!)

I finished the quilt Saturday around noon and had it washed, dried, and all wrapped up a few hours before we had to leave for the wedding, which was beautiful and very fun!

The next quilt I had been planning needs to be made and shipped to Hawaii within two weeks from today.  I’m starting to reconsider this, though, especially when I tried laying out the pieces I had and I didn’t like how it was looking.  The pieces are way too busy and I cut a few of them the wrong size.  I may pick this one up later and send it when I can.

So the actual next quilt I’m going to be focusing on is due in August.  I have one month.  Plenty of time :)


2 Comments to “Quilt No. 1 Complete!”

  1. Absolutely beautiful! You make me so proud! (:

  2. awesome. I love the back too!

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