I Heart Books

I had a chance to go to Half Price Books this week!  I went with the hubster, though, so I had very limited time to spend browsing (he doesn’t last very long in a bookstore, 5 to 10 minutes max, whereas I could set up camp for a few days).

I knew exactly what I wanted to peruse: the knitting and quilting section.

I told myself only to buy one book, but, of course, I came home with two.

Sewing 063


The legendary Stitch ‘n Bitch book.  Discovered on the shelf, all alone and looking well used.  This book is packed with info.  I hope I have the patience and dedication to read and understand it.

I’m this close to deciding knitting is too complicated and it could be a frustrating waste of time for me.  Hopefully, this book will help sway me in the other direction.

What I really want is a knitting class.  That would be ideal.

The second book I came home with:

Sewing 064

It has some really neat patterns and easy to follow instructions!

I love the color tones and texture of this one:

Sewing 065

And the bright and cheer of this one:

Sewing 066

The book graphs each pattern out, tells you how much yardage you need, and how to piece it all together.

Sewing 068

I haven’t bought a book in quite a while, so I’ve been having fun leafing through these.  It’s nice not having to stare at a glowing computer screen in order to get my quilting and knitting fix.

I still would really like to buy Material Obsession (discovered via 1/4 of an inch’s post about it), but alas, the bookstore did not have it, so the hunt continues!


2 Comments to “I Heart Books”

  1. Hey, so you and Heather and I should all get together sometime to knit! It is a little complicated to figure out, but once you’ve got a stitch down and the terminology you’ll do great! Your S’nB book will be a very helpful reference! I’ve gotten stuck on a few stitches that I needed more than word-explanations for and have found it handy to search for a how-to video online.
    Stacy :)

  2. Sorry for the double comment, but I thought of something that may interest you! The Western WA quilt shop hop is coming up in a couple weeks. Every shop you visit will give you a free pattern for an 8.5″ block and most of the fabric for that block. You use your scraps to finish it. It’s a pretty neat way to pick up new patterns and ideas for quilting.

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