Now All We Need is a Cabana…

We did a little something this weekend that shot our cool status way up…

We bought ourself a little splish and splash…

Summer 09 012

Or maybe a big one.  Little did we know that Saturday morning when we woke up that we would be pool owners at the end of the day.

We were coming home from a local town fair and decided to stop by a couple yard sales that were close to our house.

The last one we stopped by didn’t have much of anything desireable and as we were walking back to our car, J spotted a little wagon. He had mentioned a couple days ago that he wishes we had one so I wasn’t surprised when he made a beeline for it. However, it wasn’t until he was up close that he saw the wagon was not for sale. It was what was IN the wagon that was for sale.

YES, a 15′ by 4′ above ground pool with everything you could possibly need to go with it–valued around $400 (we looked it up online)–all for $150.

Then something happened inside J’s brain at that moment that caused him to start bartering for this pool. I just stood back and watched, very unsure and thinking, “We can’t be spending money like this. But on the other hand… a pool would be totally awesome to have this summer.”

He talked the owner down to $115 and we rolled home with all of this:

Summer 09 013

And proceeded to set it all up.

The newly-appointed Pool Boy is pretty excited. 

Took approximately 5 hours to fill this baby up.  We had to stop it Saturday night when it got dark and start it up again Sunday morning.

Woo hoo!!

Summer 09 062

Bring on the HEAT!!


One Comment to “Now All We Need is a Cabana…”

  1. Do you suppose that Negotiator Pool-Boy would want to go with me to buy a car?

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