Sunday Stash :: No. 1 (aka Why Wear the Drapes When You Can Wear the Tablecloth?)

I came across this fun theme at another cool quilting blog, 1/4 of an inch.  Isn’t that the most clever name for a quilting blog? 

So I’m playing along and will begin sharing my fabric stash one or two pieces at a time.  I wonder if I will ever run out, but since I’m only doing it once a week and I usually acquire more and more fabric, I kind of doubt I will…

 Summer 09 034

These are two oval tablecloths that I picked up at the thrift store quite a while ago. They have a wonderful drape and are a good size! Definitely enough to make at least one article of clothing out of each of them someday (keyword being someday).

I think a light summer coat with the white one would be pretty. I have yet to find the perfect pattern for it, but I’m imagining hip-length, lined, slightly fitted, 3/4 sleeves, buttons down the front, and a Peter Pan collar.

For the magenta, I’m leaning towards possibly this dress (click to see full-size pic):


Thanks to 1/4 of an inch for hosting Sunday Stash!
See everyone else’s here :)


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