He knows me so well.

Mad props to the husband this past weekend!  He and a buddy were out and about the other day and they stopped by Goodwill.  He found a few cool things for himself, but he also surprised me with some great stuff for me!

He saw this scale and for some reason thought I needed it.  Turns out I’ve been wanting one for quite awhile, but the funny thing was that I never mentioned it to him!  Here it is modeling some lemons that I used for my Lemon Coconut Bread.


He also wandered by the linens and brought home four great pieces of fabric! He called me to make sure of what I wanted. I already have quite a stash of solid colors and have been missing some patterned material, so I told him to look for flowers or stripes in blues, greens, and pinks. He picked these out all on his own and he did an excellent job!


I love that blue and white.  It’s the perfect weight for a summery, fluttery dress.  I think I might make this pattern with it.

The green and purple on the far left is perfect for a quilt I have in mind to make for another wedding present.  Three people I know are getting married this summer and I have aspirations to make quilts for each of them. Already started on the first one and loving it!

And look at this gorgeous peach silk…


I have no idea what I would make with it, but isn’t it pretty?  Oohh ahhh! :)

J. has come home before from trips to the thrift store with a big bag full of fabric or clothes for me without even calling me for guidance first and nearly every thing that he’s brought are great selections.  Besides having good taste of his own, he really does know my style very well, too!  And it’s always such a treat when he surprises me with goodies like that :)

My man.  I think I’ll keep him.


One Comment to “He knows me so well.”

  1. What a guy!

    I really like the Butterick pattern (the short dress)

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