Not Quite Sour…

As I mentioned on Friday, I made sourdough bread for the first time!

I did a little research first and came up with a basic sourdough starter (or sponge) of one cup flour and one cup water and let it proof/ferment for 48 hours. Dear Husband diligently stirred it every few hours while I was at work.  It got yellowy and bubbly and smelled (surprise!) sour, which is exactly what it was supposed to do.

Then I mixed the dough using this recipe and let it rise and then kneaded it.  I wonder if I kneaded it too much.  You’ll see why later…

Cooking 039

Looks promising!

And 40 minutes later…

Cooking 043

Hmm…. Not quite the look I was going for.  I’m beginning to wonder if our oven runs a bit hot becomes I frequently have this problem whenever I’m baking.  It never takes as long to cook as the recipe says.

However, the inside is yummy!  Hardly sour at all, but still pretty tasty.  The crust on the other hand turned out ultimately inedible.  I couldn’t even bite through it!

Cooking 046

I spread a little butter over the top to try to soften it a little which was kind of pointless.  I do believe it’s not as sour as I like it.  So I’m continuing to feed the starter and keep it going so I can try this again.  I may use a different recipe as well.  We’ll see.

Husband was a little scared about using that starter… He’s very skeptical about things that sit out on the counter and get smelly… But he really likes this bread!  He said that if the crust wasn’t so burnt it would be perfect! (Aww he’s so sweet…) 

And then he had the nerve to challenge me with this little zinger:

“Now if you can make BAGELS, that would be AWEsome!”

Whoa now!  I just read about bagels and they are little pieces of hard work and sweat and tears.  I may just have to take him up on it…


2 Comments to “Not Quite Sour…”

  1. I love making bagels :-D I have a good recipe…

  2. This bread looks really good. It reminds me of the bread of my grandfather who was a baker. I guess that you let the dough rise again before putting it in the oven, just before putting it in the oven you could moisten the dough and then make the cuts (i.e. after rising). When the bread comes out of the oven and is still very hot, you can moisten it slightly again. (I have the impression that you did this).

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