Week of Links #10

Vogue 1944 via myvintagevogue on Flickr

Vogue 1944 via myvintagevogue on Flickr

Beautiful weather all this week!  I’ve been able to break out some of my summer clothes and have worn skirts and dresses most of the time.  I wish I could be taking pictures to share, but working two jobs (essentially) has my mind beyond such frivilous things :)  That and by the time I remember to take a pic of my outfit, I’ve already come home and slipped into pajamas.  Oh well.

For some reason this week I’ve been thinking of old TV shows that I remember watching when I was a kid.  Some I can’t find online, like Ramona (who by the way–and I didn’t know this until now–was played by Sarah Polley who was also in Road to Avonlea which was another show I loved watching!).

  • St. Elsewhere is a show I’ve heard of but didn’t know anything about until it popped up on Hulu.  Since ER is now gone this has been a neat replacement!
  • I love The Rockford Files and have had them playing on my computer during slow times at work.  I remember when I was little I would watch them with my dad when he came home for lunch.  Seasons 1-3 are on Hulu, but all 6 seasons are on instant play with Netflix.
  • And who could forget Little House on the Prairie?  At 10am every morning (until they changed to 9am–funny how I remember something little like that!), we stopped schooling and I planted myself in front of the tv.  I never missed an episode.
  • As far as cartoons went, Rocky & Bullwinkle and Inspector Gadget were my faves growing up.
  • Every Saturday night, we would order pizza and watch Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation, back to back.  I have lived long and prospered thanks to those nights.
  • A little ocean related sci-fi:  Did anyone ever watch SeaQuest or Ocean Girl?  I would have dreams that I was a mermaid and could breathe underwater.  It was awesome.

What were some of your favorite TV shows growing up?

~ Erin


One Comment to “Week of Links #10”

  1. I had forgotten about pizza night and Star Trek! Do you remember me crying during almost every episode of “Little House?” And I don’t know why, but I thought of “Ocean Girl” just the other day and wondered why!

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