Week of Links #9


Sun the past two days and then pouring rain today.  Good grief.  This pic was taken last summer at Snoqualmie Falls.  There’s a long walk to get down to the bottom and then a long wooden walkway that gets as close to the falls as the law will permit.  And then you take the law into your own hands, jump the railing and climb down to the water.  The spray is so refreshing!


And makes for cool pictures :)


This weeks links…

  • Found a really fun synthesizer called the ToneMatrix that will keep you busy for a while creating masterpieces (if the site doesn’t work for you the first time, try refreshing the page until it does) ( via Free People Blog )
  • A slideshow about 10 ways to decorate with thrifted goods
  • The V&A is building a wedding fashion database for an exhibit in 2011 and pics are being added daily!
  • A friend mentioned the Paperback Swap site to me and it looks pretty cool.  I just wish I hadn’t given away all the books I didn’t sell at the yard sale!  Now I don’t have any I’m willing to part with :-\
  • Ever since I found The Pioneer Woman blog, I have been dreaming of moving to the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma just so I could live with the view she has! (And if you have 10 hours to spare, read the love story about her and her husband)

Great progress is being made on the office. We scored a bunch of cubicles and desks and a glass display case on Craigslist all for free! We’re pretty excited :) We also submitted our website plans last night, so that means I have a little more free time to get back to sewing (hopefully!). Damn in-seam pockets be forewarned!


One Comment to “Week of Links #9”

  1. The garage looks totally different!
    The scarves are beautiful. I especially like the orange one.

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