Easter Baking



I am so excited about this. You don’t even know. My homemaking, housewifery heart is bursting with glee!

Saturday I to went to Target and bought Rubbermaid containers. Then I went to the grocery store and I bought 10 lbs. of flour (yes, that’s two bags!), white sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar (that was a treat – I didn’t even need that, but I just couldn’t help myself), vanilla extract *squeal*, and a bag of coconut. I AM SO EXCITED!!  (I had originally posted an artsy-fartsy pic of my containers, but I just had to show you my counter in all its glory!)

I came home and I was so happy that I even took time to wash the containers before I joyfully filled them.

Why am I so excited about this?  Because I have been putting this off until I could reasonably justify purchasing these items.  It felt like a splurge, like a luxury to own these vital baking ingredients.  We’ve been pinching our pennies, surviving off milk & cereal, pasta & parmesan, fried eggs & toast, chicken & instant mashed potatoes, BROWNIES FROM A BOX…

Look!  Real cookies from SCRATCH!  I finally got to put my Mixmaster to good use since I got it for our wedding last July.

I donned a red poinsetta-covered, Christmas apron I confiscated from Grandma’s give-away pile and I made coconut cookies for the family’s Easter dinner on Sunday.  It felt so good to present them in all their crispy glory (oops) instead of swinging by the store for a bag of Oreos on the way.


And these ingredients were surprisingly inexpensive! Why didn’t I do this earlier?? Next up, I really want to make bread. That will require another trip to the store for yeast, so the guilt factor may slow me down again, but it must happen!

~ Erin


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