Week of Links #8

via Dan Hewins on Flickr

via Dan Hewins on Flickr

Things are going swimmingly and busily here at the homefront. We are in the process of turning our garage into an office and J. has been very busy framing up the garage door into a solid wall, framing the roof for a ceiling, putting in all the electrical stuff, and just last night he and a couple buddies finished insulating all the walls. Today the sheetrock gets put up and it’ll look like a real room! I kind of wish I had been taking pictures to document the change, but it all happened so fast the past few days (and most of it while I was gone at work during the day) that I didn’t bother. Besides I’m sure most of you know what it looks like to finish an unfinished room.

I’ve been busy myself, typing up all the wording for our business website (yes, we are going legit and I’ll tell you all about it when we officially launch!), but have definitely managed to rally some links I’ve found very interesting this week!

  • I love me some Masterpiece Theatre (when I have time to devote to watching it) and wish I could watch all of Little Dorrit!  Is it just me or does the girl who plays her look like Alexis Bledel‘s British twin?
  • I also love these Carl Larsson drawings posted by Behind the Curtain today.  I’ve seen his work before and it’s so homey and serene!
  • Homemade face cream!  I have some of these ingredients already (from a failed lip balm attempt).  When I get a few extra pennies I want to make this.
  • Altoid tin travel candle.  What a smart way to reuse these tins and how cute!
  • And while we’re on the subject of homemade stuff, I found a funny blog:  Craft Fail!
  • Here’s a somber look into the lives of 1911 mill-working children and interviews on who they were and who they became.  Fascinating reading!
  • How many of you in the US?  There are only 8 of me!  (As opposed to 310 with my maiden name)

I also Googled my name (who hasn’t??) and had fun seeing what popped up.  I discovered I am a 1st grade teacher at a private Christian school in Alabama.  And with my maiden name, I am a docter in my real hometown (weird coincidence!), a popular photographer, and a designer (with my middle name, too!).  Crazy.

Have a great weekend! It’s supposed to snow here after we had 70 degree sunshine earlier in the week. This weather is crazy, too!

~ Erin


One Comment to “Week of Links #8”

  1. There are 222 Heather Days, and slightly more Heather Harveys, interesting…

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